Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Andy Griffith Show

Well, its time to talk about one of my favorite shows of all time...The Andy Griffith Show. There is good reason for my love of this show...you see my hometown is Mount Airy, NC the actual hometown of Andy himself. In fact, I graduated from Mount Airy Senior High in 1984 and Andy graduated in 1944! The stories that fly through Mount Airy about Andy have survived decades and nowhere else is he more loved and appreciated. The show which sprung from a skit about a small-town sherrif without a gun on The Danny Thomas Show took on a life of its own. Here's a good trivia nugget. Did you know that The Andy Griffith Show has run continuously SOMEWHERE on television since its original run in the 1960's. I am currently the chief meteorologist/Host for the CBS affiliate in Greensboro, NC and we have run the show since it went into syndication. As a matter of fact we run it at 5:30 pm and it BEATS other newscasts! Needless to say I am a huge fan of Andy's and will always hold this show close to my heart. Let me reccomend catching it on TV Land whenever possible. Especially, "Opie The Bird Man" Episode number ....but bring a few tissues. Ron Howard hasn't made you cry like this since you were Opie's age.
This week on "Wait, I Know This" we will be chatting with a very special actress from "Mayberry" who actually MOVED to Mount Airy becasue of its small town charm and resemblence to the fictional town we love.
So be sure to tune in with all your questions. We hope to see you on Sunday night at 7pm eastern time. Until then keep whistling the theme. LOL

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