Sunday, January 11, 2009


I stumbled upon a blog recently that I absolutely loved. Check out the Pop Culture Dish! It is a must read for trivia buffs. Especially the Tuesday trivia. Test your knowledge of Pop Culture every week. The posts are awesome! They are filled with information that makes a trivia king's day! Its hard to find good trivia sites these days but this will keep you ruling the watercooler for quite sometime.

Another site I love is the site for the magazine Mental Floss. Incredible trivia on every subject. Often times we find trivia sites that dedicate themselves to only a few topics but this site is full of clever, witty and intelligent writing. Even though I am a University of North Carolina grad and this site is run by some Duke University grads...I have to give them props!! Ha Ha!!
AND if you want to see the craziest, smartest, most outlandish set of blog sites dedicated to all things yeateryear than go to Pop Art Diva's world!! That's all I can say...there aren't words to express the blog-glomerate she has created.

You can check out these sites here. Pop Culture Dish , Mental Floss and Pop Art Diva.


Malcolm said...

Thanks for the mention, it's really appreciated. I checked out Mental Floss yesterday afternoon after visiting your blog. They've got some good stuff over there.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Malcolm's Pop Culture Dish is a wonderful pop culture site, one I visit nearly every day.

Malcolm himself is quite knowledgeable and full of great trivia, he was a wonderful guest on my pop culture radio show too.

Pop Culture Dish is a must, especially if you are into retro.

Eric said...

Pop Art Diva,
Thanks for the comment. I went to your blogs...they are Phenomenal! I am placing you in the previous post as well. Please take the time to listen to my podcast and give me some feedback...I'll also take any PLUG you can give us as well...we are new to this whole world.

Eric Chilton
"Wait, I Know This!"