Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AL JARREAU Programming Change

Al Jarreau's staff informed us of a schedule change in our interview with him. Please make a note that we will now go LIVE with Al on Thursday night at 10pm EST and 7pm west coast time. They were EXTREMELY NICE and deserve a pat on the back from Al himself in the manner they handled themselves.
So mark your calendars!!! Wew are very excited to have the JAZZ GREAT himself Mr. Al Jarreau. If you want to log in to ask him questions live then go to www.talkshoe.com and look under the "Live Now" tab at 10pm EST Thursday night. When you find "Wait, I Know This!" just click on the "Join in" button and you're there!

Or TO CALL IN just dial (724) 444-7444, call id 33219# and PIN 1#

Hope to see you then. Until then check this out!

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