Friday, June 19, 2009

1976 A Year To Remember

1976 is mostly remembered as the bicentennial year. Remember CBS' Bicentennial Moments? But for me it was a year to remember in television as well.
I have looked through the primetime lineup of that year and it brought so many memories back I had cerebral overload!
First of is the lineup courtesy of

Lets just get the obvious out there. I mean, no need to hide the hideous folks. Yes, The Captain and Tennille had their own show on Monday Nights at 8pm.

I know its not from their show but nothing says 70's like Cap and Toni. :)
ABC's power line up was definitely Tuesday with Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and Rich Man, Poor Man. Meanwhile CBS dominated on Saturday nights with The Jeffersons, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newheart Show and The Carol Burnette Show. WHAT A LINE UP!!!
Some of the shows that weren't HUGE hits but rang a bell for me were Delvecchio on CBS, Spencer's Place (CBS) and Switch. Google those and I'm sure you'll remember some of them.
Interesting that CBS seemed to have the women's lib night on Monday with Phyllis, Rhoda and Maude. All were spin offs of Mary Tyler Moore or All In The Family.
And who could forget the NBC Sunday Mystery Movie which was either Columbo, McCloud, MacMillan and Wife or Quincy M.E.

Enjoy these openings as well...and keep on remembering!!!
We will see you next time!

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